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Attractions in Balapitiya

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Sri Lanka's South coast is a hub of activity which abounds with things to do and places to visit. Strategically located a short distance away from most of the major attractions of the area, Balapitiya is the ideal place from which to set out to explore these sites close to Ahungalla. Things to do include embarking on boat safaris and visits to places that have religious and cultural significance.

Enjoy a boat safari on the Madhu Ganga (river) that will take you past historical island temples, shady mangrove forests and many birds & amphibians inhabiting the surroundings. The ancient temple Kothduwa Raja Viharaya is located on an island in the centre of the river. The temple which is said to have once housed the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha also has a 130 year old Bo tree in its premises. The town of Ambalangoda is known as the centre for mask-making in Sri Lanka and a visit to the mask museum will provide one with an insight into the history of Sri Lankan masks and their significance to the local culture. Just 40 minutes away from Balapitiya is Galle Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a remnant of the Dutch-colonial occupation in Sri Lanka. A place of historical and archaeological significance, a multi-ethnic, multi-religious community exists within the walls of this 17th century fortification which also boasts of many restaurants, shops and boutique hotels. The beautifully landscaped Lunuganga and Brief Gardens, are two must visit places in Bentota, located a short distance from Balapitiya.