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A Traveller’s Guide to the Must-Visit Places in Nuwara Eliya

Step into the enchanting world of Nuwara Eliya, a charming town famous for its tea production and often affectionately called ‘Little England’ and home to the tallest mountain in the country – Pidurutalagala Mountain, reaching 2524m above sea level. Back in the day, Nuwara Eliya was the retreat for British civil servants and tea planters. The town’s architecture echoes the history of British colonialists, giving it an ambiance straight out of an English countryside village.

The town may be chilly yet offers a warmly welcoming atmosphere, making it perfect for both relaxation and interactive fun for anyone, including kids.

Now, let’s dive into the multitude of experiences and things to do and places to visit Nuwara Eliya.

When venturing to Nuwara Eliya, it’s essential to include a visit to at least one, if not all, of its beautiful falls. Each waterfall is complemented by its own scenic hike, offering breathtaking views and encounters with wildlife.

Take a romantic stroll through tea estates to reach Lover’s Leap Falls – it’s like stepping into a fairy tale or St. Clair’s Falls, known as the “Little Niagara of Sri Lanka,” located in the Dimbula area out West. For more of a memorable experience, head to Bomburu Ella Falls – it’s the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka, making it unique and an ideal backdrop for photos.

Other hiking sites include Moon Plains and Single Tree Hill.

Whether you’re up for a quick workout, some rowing or fishing, or just a laid-back picnic, you’ve got to check out Gregory Park & Lake. For an unparalleled experience, explore Queen Victoria Park, recognised as the best-maintained park in South Asia. If you’re into wildlife, head to Horton Plains National Park or Galway’s Land National Park, where you can spot 20 rare migrant bird species and 30 native ones. It’s nature at its best!

Discover the inner workings of tea production, including the history, traditions, and the significance of tea in Sri Lanka by taking a stroll through captivating estates on both short and extended tours.

For a more modern experience, visit the Damro Labookellie Tea Centre and Tea Garden. Here, you’ll find a visitor centre with a café where you can sample the estate’s various teas. Another gem is the Pedro Tea Factory, offering a 20-minute tour that walks you through the entire tea-making journey, showcasing impressive 19th-century engineering marvels that still operate today.

Among the tourist attractions in Nuwara Eliya, Ambewela Farms stand out as a must-visit. Gaining fame for its dairy products distributed across the island. Visitors can witness the production process of these goods and enjoy the sight of cows freely wandering with a backdrop view of wind turbines in the distance, offering a serene and calming experience.

Explore exclusive destinations that showcase the unique essence of Nuwara Eliya such as the Nuwara Eliya Post office, constructed in 1894, is another reminder of the impressive Colonial architecture.

Having explored the beautiful places of Nuwara Eliya and absorbed the charm of its colonial-inspired beauty, unwind in a restored Georgian-style upcountry mansion-like retreat to experience the essence of English elegance, now enriched with a modern Sri Lankan flair, all at Jetwing St. Andrews. This hotel has a charming old-world feel dating back to 1875. You can dine in vintage English-style areas and meet the resident naturalist who knows all about the local wildlife. His expertise truly shines during the frog-watching tour. You’ll take a moonlit walk, learn about their homes, watch how they behave, and listen to their calls. Set apart from all the best hotels in Nuwara Eliya, their hill country home of hospitality, located in the heart of Nuwara Eliya, truly embodies the city’s historical reputation in every aspect.

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