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Top Wildlife Photography Destinations in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has tourist destinations at every corner of the very small island. If you’re interested in photography in Sri Lanka, you’re in for a treat—especially if you love snapping shots of nature and wildlife. Sri Lanka offers some of the best national parks and safari parks, perfect for those eager to capture the essence of its diverse wildlife.

Among the top photography destinations spots are:

In the northwest of Sri Lanka, you’ll find the oldest and largest national park in Sri Lanka – Wilpattu National Park, a paradise for wildlife photography. Here, you can spot rare creatures like the Sri Lankan leopard, the biggest leopard species in Asia, as well as Asian Elephants and the Sri Lankan Sloth Bear, alongside an array of mammals like Mouse Deer, crocodile, shrew, mongoose, and water buffalo. Moreover, the park offers birdwatching enthusiasts the chance to spot endemic species such as the Ceylon Grey Hornbill, the Ceylon Parakeet, and the Red-backed Woodpecker. Photographers may also capture the striking Sri Lankan Jungle Fowl, the national bird of Sri Lanka.

Yala National Park is a hotspot for wildlife enthusiasts. It’s the second-largest national park in the country and famous for its amazing animal sightings. Yala is also connected to nearby sanctuaries and parks, creating a large playground for wildlife.

Yala houses over 200 bird species and 40 mammal species. However, it is particularly known for its thriving leopard population. Yala’s ecosystem is inhabited by a variety of species, including golden jackals, crocodiles, sloth bears, monkeys, peacocks, water buffalo, wild boar, and deer. Additionally, for bird enthusiasts, there are approximately 130 species recorded, such as pelicans, herons, storks, and flamingos.

Udawalawe is one of the smaller safari places in Sri Lanka, but is home to approximately 500 elephants, which creates a high chance of an elephant sighting. You are also almost guaranteed to see elephants at any time of the year, making it an easier option to capture wildlife and because of this fact, it has become a dense tourist attraction making it a bit crowded. However, due to the amount of tourists travelling, the elephants have been accustomed to this culture and in return very tame. Although elephants are more frequent, you will also get the chance to view other wildlife like water buffalo, monkeys, crocodiles, lizards, a variety of birds, and insects.

Toward the central highlands, Horton Plains, situated at the highest altitude above sea level, is an oasis of misty forests and mountain grasslands, fostering a diverse ecosystem found nowhere else in the country. Here, you’ll get to discover endemic plants and animals, including bird species like the Sri Lanka Magpie, Dull-blue flycatcher, Sri Lanka White-eye, and Sri Lanka Wood pigeon, which are exclusive to this area. Keep an eye out for the Sambar deer, where a population of around 2000, roams freely. You may also catch a glimpse of leopards, wild boars, mongooses, and giant squirrels among the many other creatures that call this place home.

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