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Best Instagrammable Destinations in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, is a paradise for travellers seeking adventure, cultural experiences and gorgeous scenery. Drawing in visitors from all around the world, the island is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. With its pristine beaches and ancient heritage, Sri Lanka offers plenty of Instagram-worthy locations that capture the essence of the country and its people. Sri Lanka Instagram spots promise to be breathtaking and exotic. Go prepared for a memorable trip and capture photos that won’t just enhance your feed with stunning visuals, but are sure to enrapture your audience as well.

Let’s explore some of the most Instagrammable places in Sri Lanka.

Begin your journey with a stop at Sigiriya, the iconic rock fortress standing amidst the lush greenery. It is one of the most iconic attractions in Sri Lanka. The panoramic views from the summit are truly incredible, and worth the steep climb to the top. Capture some great shots at the Lion’s entrance, with its intricate carving of a gigantic lion’s paw. Sunrise and sunset are some of the best times to take photos at this UNESCO World Heritage Site, to bring out its mystical aura.

Head over to the scenic hill town of Ella and view the famous Nine arch bridge, a remnant of the country’s colonial past, and one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka. Surrounded by green tea plantations and forest, this marvel of engineering is best photographed during the morning when the mist is lifting. The beauty of the bridge against the verdant backdrop makes for a wonderful Instagram-worthy shot.

Journey into the cultural heartland of Sri Lanka and explore the Dambulla Cave Temple, another important Sri Lanka sightseeing attraction. This large complex of ancient rock caves is adorned with intricate Buddhist murals and statues. The serene atmosphere creates a unique setting for capturing moments of silence and devotion. Don’t forget to showcase the breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Accommodation in Dambulla is easy to come by with great five-star hotels such as Jetwing Lake. You can enjoy the gorgeous scenery as you take a dip in the pool or relax in the spa.

The Mirissa beach is one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka for those seeking sun, sand, and surf. The palm-fringed coastline, golden sands, and vibrant sunsets make Mirissa Beach a haven for Instagrammers. Capture the sun dipping below the horizon, as it casts an orange glow against the waves.

In the heart of Kandy, the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, stands the revered Temple of the Tooth Relic. The temple’s ornate architecture and rich history makes it one of the major Sri Lanka tourist places. Capture the temple’s reflection on the Kandy Lake and the rituals carried out within. In the town are wonderful hotels such Jetwing Kandy Gallery where you can enjoy the best of upcountry hospitality and luxury, with spa facilities and butler services.

Yala National Park is a sanctuary for nature lovers, with countless Instagram-worthy moments waiting to be captured. This beautiful park offers the best of local flora and fauna, including sightings of the elusive Sri Lankan leopard. Whether you want to photograph elephants enjoying a refreshing bath, or peacocks flaunting their colourful feathers, Yala encapsulates the untamed beauty of native wildlife. You can choose to stay in two of the best hotels on the outskirts of this National Park. Relax with modern comforts at Jetwing Yala, which provides views of the Indian Ocean and the wilderness, or unwind in luxury at Jetwing Safari Camp, located at the edge of the Park.

Sri Lanka’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage provide many opportunities for creating visually stunning Instagram content. So, whip out your camera, and share the magic of Sri Lanka with your followers.

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