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Luxury Airport Hotels In Sri Lanka

In general, airport hotels are considered to be cold, large, soulless block hotels where people only spend one night as a layover before or after their holiday. However, everything in Sri Lanka seems to be warmer and better and this includes the hotels near Sri Lanka’s main international airport, Bandaranaike International Airport. Jetwing Hotels have a series of luxury hotels peppered all around Katunayake and Negombo. Each hotel offers a uniquely relaxing experience and shows how these hotels in Negombo are more than just a layover destination and should be included in your itinerary. Stay awhile, and explore the bustling coastal town of Negombo for an authentic experience of Sri Lankan culture.

  • Try some watersports
  • Visit Dambadeniya; ruins dating back to the time of Sri Lanka’s ancient kingdoms
  • Go on a boat safari through marshlands
  • Visit the different churches
  • Explore Negombo town and/or Colombo
  • Snorkel and dive near Negombo

While Sri Lanka is best known for its palm-fringed golden sandy beaches and its turquoise oceans, the country’s inland water bodies are just as mesmerising. Jetwing Lagoon is one of the many hotels near Katunayake but despite its proximity to the airport and Negombo, the hotel is like a peaceful haven amidst all this action. The hotel sits on the banks of the Negombo Lagoon and is a lovely spa retreat close to the commercial capital Colombo. Watch the sunset over the gorgeous lagoon and reflect on your time in Sri Lanka.

Jetwing Beach is a beautiful wellness retreat found on the golden beaches of Negombo. This is one of Negombo’s best beach hotels and the world-renowned Sri Lankan architect, Geoffrey Bawa, designed it. Bawa is often referred to as the father of ‘Tropical Modernism’ not just for Sri Lanka, but also for the world! Tropical Modernism is known for its sleek designs, wide-open spaces and with a focus on local resources, and Bawa’s vision has been brought to life with Jetwing Beach. The hotel has all the comforts of modern life with large verandas that look out into the ocean and a minimal building that compliments the natural surrounding. When you stay here you’ll feel completely at peace and feel reluctant to leave.

Sri Lanka is home to many Ayurvedic hotels as it is an ancient medicinal and holistic practice that’s indigenous to Sri Lanka, but Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions is one of the country’s most popular Ayurvedic hotels. The hotel is found further inland than the other hotels and is surrounded by lush manicured gardens and rustic courtyards. If you’re looking to take a detox from the rush of everyday life, then Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions is the ideal place for you. From the time you enter, the staff will take care of your every need; the hotel prioritises wellness so you will be given healthy vegan meals, you can indulge in an Ayurvedic spa treatment or do some yoga. Once you leave this hotel there is no doubt you’ll feel well-rested, relaxed and rejuvenated- perfect after a long flight!

As you can see, the hotels near Bandaranaike International Airport are fabulous. They offer the perfect mix of relaxation and luxury- two things you’d least expect to find in an airport hotel! Negombo is a vibrant town that deserves to be explored and a stay at Jetwing Hotels will make Negombo even more memorable.

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