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Complete Guide for glamping in Yala

A holiday in Yala would truly be complete without a glamping experience at Jetwing Safari Camp, which just happens to offer the most unforgettable holiday on the outskirts of the breathtaking Yala National Park. Here’s everything you need to know before embarking on a Yala luxury camping trip.

All glamping campgrounds are located on the fringes of national parks or other protected forest reserves and the campsites around Yala National Park are no different. As the most toured national park in all of Sri Lanka, this nature reserve also happens to be the second-largest national park in the country. Spread out across an impressive 378 square kilometres, Yala was declared a wildlife sanctuary as early as 1900. As one of the prime leopard spotting hubs in Sri Lanka, the national park is also home to herds of Asian elephants and 44 species of mammals. With more than 215 bird varieties calling the area home, the area is also a birdwatcher’s dream destination. The vast expanse which is encompassed within the park not only includes the coastal dunes where the Jetwing Safari Camp is located but also picturesque wetlands and monsoon forests.

Unlike a traditional camping trip, those who are splurging on a glamping vacation can rest assured that most of the luxuries they expect from a five-star resort guestroom are already on-site. This does not mean that you should wing it entirely so here are a few essentials to pack for your glamping encounter in Yala. Apart from casual clothing items, preferably made from cotton and other breathable fabrics, it is essential to pack a pair of solid hiking boots or sneakers. Sunscreen and mosquito repellent will also come in handy while any prescription medication you need to take daily must also be on hand. A bathing suit and sunglasses are also musts while flip flops to wear around camp will also prove useful.

Although all glamping sites are not created equal, those who made reservations at Jetwing Safari Camp can expect the tents to be equipped with individual A/C units and ceiling fans. Telephones with IDD and free internet access are also provided as a part of the package deal while a minibar, tea or coffee making machines and a shower enclosure will also be part of your tent. Ironing amenities will also be provided in addition to bathrobes and bath slippers to wear after a cold or hot shower in the luxurious private shower cubicle. Meals will also be prepared by chefs so there is no need to bring cooking utensils and other camping gear.

The advantage of choosing to stay at a glamping site on the periphery of the Yala National Park is that it affords you the chance to explore the wildlife hub according to your own timetable. Spending a few days in such close proximity to the sanctuary means that wildlife encounters are inevitable whether it’s spotting endemic bird species from your tent or hearing the cacophony of animal sounds that fill up the night air. Enjoying a Yala National Park safari will never be this easy while the glamping site will also serve as the perfect base from which to explore some of the top places to visit in Tissamaharama. Kirinda Temple and Sithulpawwa are just some of the other highlights you can add to your Yala tour itinerary.

Since all of your meal needs will be taken care of, avoid bringing snacks and food items that will likely spoil easily. Overpacking and bringing impractical clothing and footwear on the trip are common mistakes that are made by first-timers glamping in Yala.

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