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Exploring Negombo Bliss: A Perfect Day Out with Friends

Nestled along the western coast of Sri Lanka, the bustling town of Negombo is a destination that blends its colonial past with vibrant local culture. From pristine beaches to historical sites and religious landmarks, there are a myriad of attractions in Negombo for travellers seeking a fun and diverse experience. Whether you’re travelling solo, or with friends, you’ll be captivated by the timeless charm of this quaint beach town. Visitors have a choice of places to stay, from small hostels to five-star resorts. Negombo’s proximity to the airport and the capital, Colombo, makes it perfect for a day out or quick getaway.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most beautiful places to visit in Negombo.

The town’s most popular attraction is without doubt the Negombo beach, a long stretch of golden sand, dotted with coconut trees. It’s the perfect setting to unwind and soak up the tropical sun. The waters of the Indian Ocean provide an ideal location for a swim. Or else, take a stroll along the warm shore as the waves lap against your feet. In the evening, you can watch the beach come alive with fishing boats returning to the shore, and take pictures of the gorgeous sunset. Other things to do in Negombo beach include engaging in thrilling watersports such as snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing. Relax at luxury Negombo beach hotels like Jetwing Sea, Jetwing Blue, and Jetwing Beach (adults only), where you can treat yourself and your friends to a dip in the pool and sample the mouthwatering lunch spread.

Negombo’s colonial history can be explored at the Dutch Fort, a testament to the town’s past as a trading hub. The fort, constructed in the 17th century, boasts robust walls and a distinctive architectural style that reflects the Dutch influence in the town. Today, it’s an important historical monument, and one of the most famous places in Negombo. Visitors can explore the old gates, the clock tower, and the surrounding gardens, which offer a glimpse into its colonial heritage.

Those who are intrigued by religious architecture will enjoy paying a visit to St. Mary’s Church. Constructed during the Portuguese era, the church is well-known for its intricate ceiling frescoes and colourful stained-glass windows. The serene atmosphere and the historical significance of St. Mary’s makes it a must-see place for every tourist.

Negombo is famous for being a bustling fishing town, and this is on full display at the lively fish market. Early mornings are the best time to witness fishermen returning with their catch, and see the market buzzing with activity. Don’t miss the chance to sample some of the fresh seafood dishes prepared by local vendors and eateries. Also close to the shoreline are several beautiful hotels, such as Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions, which offers spa treatments, ancient medicinal rituals, and a pool where you can cool off after a long day.

Nature lovers can seek respite in the Muthurajawela Marsh, a large wetland area on the outskirts of Negombo. Embark on a boat safari through the scenic mangroves, and witness a variety of bird species, reptiles, and lush vegetation. The marsh is an important ecosystem, home to various endemic animals and plants. Exploring it with loved ones or friends offers a truly serene and peaceful getaway, and is one of the best day out places in Negombo.

The Negombo Lagoon is another natural wonder that will attract nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Visitors have the choice of kayaking or taking a boat tour of the lagoon to explore its beauty. The shores of the lagoon with its exotic mangroves make it an ideal escape for those seeking a peaceful retreat. Travellers will find five-star hotels in Negombo, such as Jetwing Lagoon along its shores. This resort offers gorgeous views and modern amenities, and is a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of the town.

Negombo is an idyllic beach destination that blends the charm of a bustling fishing town with natural beauty, and is the perfect place to visit with a group.

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